Mike Murphy Joins NBC News and MSNBC as Contributor

It’s official.

NBC News execs announced today that Republican strategist and McCain confidant Mike Murphy is joining NBC News and MSNBC as a contributor.

On Monday, in a column in The New York Times, Bill Kristol suggested that Mr. Murphy–who helped craft Mr. McCain’s failed bid for the Republican nomination for president in 2000–would soon be joining Mr. McCain’s camp.

Afterward, Mr. Murphy denied the rumor and subsequently told reporters that he would be joining NBC.

Today, NBC confirmed the news, announcing that Mr. Murphy will provide analysis to NBC Nightly News, Meet the Press, Today, and MSNBC.

More from the release:

Murphy is one of the Republican Party’s most successful political media consultants, having handled strategy and advertising for more than 26 successful gubernatorial and Senatorial campaigns. In 2000, Murphy served as senior strategist for Sen. John McCain’s Presidential campaign. In 2003 Murphy was senior strategist for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s historic election as Governor of California.

In addition to his campaign work, Murphy advises several Fortune 500 corporations and leading interest groups. He has advised leaders in five foreign countries. He is a founding partner in the Washington DC based public policy management firm of DC Navigators.

Mike Murphy is a frequent writer for the Weekly Standard and writes and performs radio commentary for National Public Radio’s All Things Considered. Murphy was born in Detroit, Michigan and attended the Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. In 2001 he was an Institute of Politics Fellow at Harvard’s JFK School of Government.

Murphy, 46, also works as a writer/producer in the entertainment industry. He lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Mike Murphy Joins NBC News and MSNBC as Contributor