Moe Tkacik Off the Radar

That news about Moe Tkacik joining Radar? Never mind.

Apparently, Ms. Tkacik has changed her mind and rejected the offer from Radar. She’ll leave Jezebel and begin writing for her company’s flagship site,

Reached by Media Mob, Radar editor Maer Roshan, who is currently not in the office, told us that the memo he sent out to the Radar staff announcing she was hired—writing that she will "bring her unique style and voice to a wide variety of topics from entertainment to politics, business and economy to world affairs. I’m confident that her strong reporting experience and her uncanny ability to analyze trends and events will allow the site to offer a broader perspective on pop, politics, scandal, and style"—was "probably" premature and claimed that it was not actually written by him, but his assistant. He also said that—presumably because Alex Balk, Radaronline’s executive editor, had just received Ms. Tkacik’s e-mail, and hadn’t had a conversation with the lead editor yet—"we’re still in discussions with her. … The decision was made, but details still had to be figured out."

Moments later, Mr. Balk, who announced that she was joining Radar two days ago, wrote:

A few moments ago I received an e-mail from Maureen "Moe" Tkacik, informing me that she needed to rescind her previous acceptance of Radaronline’s Senior Writer position. Apparently Gawker Media impresario Nick Denton, panicked at the thought of losing her (for good reason!) made her a rather attractive offer that will move her over to the company’s flagship site and provide her with more creative freedom and fewer of the onerous tasks she is currently responsible for at Jezebel.

So rather than a major hire, it’s the latest hit to Radar. In addtion to the five staffers who have left Radar in the past few months, editor Matt Thompson has also recently announced his departure for grad school.

  Moe Tkacik Off the Radar