Morning Memo: Ledger’s Bar; Bale’s ‘Assault’; Hathaway’s Diary

Heath Ledger was reportedly a silent investor in Five Leaves, a Greenpoint bar designed by John McCormick, who also designed Smith & Mills and Beatrice Inn. While the project was at first put on hold after the actor’s death, his father has agreed to fund the project to its completion. [P6]

Christian Bale’s assault on his mother was possibly not an assault at all; sources say he never touched her, but merely raised his voice when she made negative remarks about his wife. Apparently, the British consider yelling a verbal assault and therefore a crime. [NY Daily News]

As part of an investigation into Raffaello Follieri’s affairs, the F.B.I. has seized Anne Hathaway’s personal journals from his Trump Tower apartment in addition to documents, watches, a Tiffany clock, an antique Bible and "personal" photos of the couple. [NY Daily News]

New Gossip Girl promos feature salacious images with phrases like "Every Parent’s Nightmare" and "Mind-Blowingly Inappropriate," borrowed from The Boston Herald and Parents Television Council. [AP]

Madonna decided to fight all the attention she’s been getting by dining at Nello in the Hamptons with six girlfriends while wearing a Yankee hat. [P6]

Ethan Hawke and nanny-turned-wife Ryan Shawhughes now have a baby of their own named Clementine Jane Hawke. [Us Weekly] Morning Memo: Ledger’s Bar; Bale’s ‘Assault’; Hathaway’s Diary