Mrs. Rodriguez: The Modern Novella by Cindy Adams

Cindy Adams got an interview with Mrs. Alex Rodriguez. How long was the interview? There’s one quote. Here it is:

"I did not spend one dollar shopping in Paris. I did not go to super-fancy expensive restaurants. I did not go to any spa. I didn’t do one thing. I spent the most innocent four days with my children’s godparents, who are as close to us as family."

"I needed to get away. With clear-headed friends. To breathe. To think how I’m going to handle my kids. I just needed a little time. My husband knew I was going. He encouraged it."

But Cindy had lots to say, in a sort of indirect interior monologue format that sounds, as Ms. Adams often does, like equal parts Barbara Walters and Virginia Woolf.

As far as Mrs. Alex Rodriguez is concerned, this marriage is over. Done. Cooked. Finished.

She has come to the realization he’s changed. He is no longer the same man she grew desperately to love.

So if today, right now, he walked into wherever she was, what would Cynthia say or do? She would say she has no regrets. She would tell herself she’s come to terms. She would be grateful for her daughters. She would be certain God will watch out for her. She would insist she wishes nothing bad for Alex.

Also, Ms. Rodriguez predicts some sort of a "crack-up" or "crash" for her husband, which makes it sound like he needs an intervention for some sort of an addiction. But don’t worry, according to Cindy, his wife will be there when that happens because she still loves him. Thanks, Cindy! Mrs. Rodriguez: The Modern Novella by Cindy Adams