M.T.A. Pitches 13.4 Percent Fare Hike

The M.T.A. did not seem to notice the chorus of boos that erupted across the city from public officials and subway riders alike upon hearing news of a potential 8 percent fare hike next year, because today the agency went even further.

City Room reports that the M.T.A. will also request at its Friday board meeting an additional 5 percent increase to take effect by January 2011 — for a cumulative increase of 13.4 percent over 18 months.

The M.T.A. argues that raising fares is the only way to deal with a projected $900 million budget gap. Though dissenters at the "contentious" meeting today claimed that there’s more fat to trim on the M.T.A.’s budget.

Stayed tuned for the outcome on Friday. M.T.A. Pitches 13.4 Percent Fare Hike