Muffie’s Swish Beach Club Mulls Tinsley and Topper

Prominent socialite couple Tinsley and Topper Mortimer have been “proposed” for membership at the famously stuffy Southampton Bathing Corporation—or as it’s nicknamed, “Beach Club”—immortalized both in Tom Wolfe’s 1987 The Bonfire of the Vanities and the movie Born Rich, Jamie Johnson’s seminal journey into the pickled minds of young rich people. (“I brought three Jewish girls to the club today for lunch,” golfer Ray Floyd’s lil’ gal Christina told the camera. “Who knows? I may get kicked out tomorrow.”)

A member of the club, whose roster includes Nina Griscom, Cristina Greeven Cuomo and Muffie Potter Aston, told the Transom that a newsletter circulating there announced the young Mortimers are under review this summer. Since the Mortimer name is old hat at the club, they should presumably have no problem. Muffie’s Swish Beach Club Mulls Tinsley and Topper