Myers calls for Adler to fire parole board member

Republican congressional candidate Chris Myers today demanded that his opponent, State Sen. John Adler, remove a controversial appointee from the state parole board.

Adler is the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

State Parole Board member Charles Jones drew scrutiny when he wrote a letter to Judge William J. Martini asking for leniency for Sharpe James, who he used to work for as an aide. Jones was appointed to the board in early 2006, although judiciary committee members at the time questioned whether he was qualified for the position.

In the letter, Jones said that James was unfairly prosecuted by people who wanted to “send a message.”

That letter caused Republican members of the committee to write a letter to Adler and Gov. Corzine asking that Jones should be removed from the $116,000 position.

“John Adler has an obligation to state taxpayers to convene the Judiciary Committee immediately and remove Mr. Jones from his $116,000 per year taxpayer-paid, patronage appointment,” said Myers in a press release. “Mr. Jones’ total lack of qualifications and his letter to Judge Martini are just another in a long line of embarrassing scandals courtesy of career Trenton politicians like John Adler who have fostered a culture of corruption in Trenton that has embarrassed our State and cost taxpayers billions in waste, fraud and abuse.”

Myers also criticized Adler’s silence on the issue so far. In a written statement, the Adler campaign did not say whether he would convene a meeting to remove Jones from the post.

Adler spokesman Steve Ayscue said that Myers’s outrage was “all theater and no substance.”

“While we agree that members of the State Parole Board should not be involved in federal sentencing matters, we want to know why Mayor Myers has expressed zero outrage over the fraud perpetrated on the taxpayers by his own cronies in the corrupt Burlington County Republican Machine — fraud which continues to be probed by federal and state law enforcement authorities according to numerous news accounts,” said Ayscue. “Where is Mayor Myers' outrage over Karl Rove's refusal to testify before Congress for the fraud that has taken place in the Bush White House against the American people?”

Ayscue went on to highlight legislation Adler sponsored to strip convicted public officials of their pensions.

"Its a wee bit disingenuous for career politician Myers to discuss ethics at all given how resoundingly quiet he's been to the corruption going on right around him, in his own backyard," he said.

Not to be outdone with charges of bossism, Myers Campaign Manager Chris Russell responded.

"It's a lot a more than a wee-bit disingenuous for a wholly owned subsidiary of the corrupt Camden County Political Machine like John Adler to preach to anyone about ethics. Tell us Senator Adler, does the name Wayne Bryant ring any bells?" he said. Myers calls for Adler to fire parole board member