Myers challenges Adler to debate affordable housing

Medford Mayor Chris Myers challenged his Democratic congressional opponent, State Sen. John Adler, to a debate over new affordable housing mandates today.

Myers has spent a good chunk of his campaign railing against a recently passed bill that bans regional community agreements (RCAs), where suburban towns would offload their affordable housing requirements on other towns by paying them fees.

Adler backed the reforms in the legislature.

Myers showed up yesterday to the ceremonial bill signing by Gov. Corzine in Mount Laurel to lead a Burlington County Republican contingent against it. Although Adler did not comment specifically on the legislation, the Press of Atlantic City ran a response by his campaign manager, Raiyan Syed, that called Myers “just another career politician who will support failed Bush policies that have damaged our economy and hurt our middle class.”

“Reading your non-response, it became clear why you didn’t even have the courage to show up yesterday and defend your vote—and that’s because you can’t defend it. Just like you can’t defend voting to increase taxes 43 times since 2002, killing our state’s economy and making it unaffordable to live, work or retire here,” said Myers in a press release. “Instead, you’d rather run and hide, and hold highly orchestrated town hall meetings where you never face tough questions about your failed record in Trenton.”

Myers said he wanted to debate in Mount Laurel “right now. No delay.”

A spokesman for Adler could not be reached for comment. Myers challenges Adler to debate affordable housing