Nas on Colbert: ‘I Think O’Reilly is Afraid of Me’

Yesterday, The Observer‘s Bharat Ayyar reported on and rapper Nas’ protest outside of Fox News headquarters in Manhattan.

Last night, Nas appeared on The Colbert Report to explain himself. When asked by Mr. Colbert why he thinks Fox is racist, Nas (real name Nasir Jones) said, "It’s obvious. Everybody that has eyes and ears can see that this guy [Bill O’Reilly] is out of control. He knows what he’s doing, you know what I mean? It’s out of line. The things he’s saying is worse than the worst rap lyrics I ever heard."

The rapper also told the host, "I think O’Reilly’s afraid of me."

During the interview, Mr. Colbert shows his own rapping prowess (don’t worry Alex Karras and Jim Belushi, you’re still the best white guy rappers) and even earns a compliment from Nas, who calls him "a gangsta host." Clearly flattered, Mr. Colbert boasts, "I will pop the truth in your ass." Nas on Colbert: ‘I Think O’Reilly is Afraid of Me’