Obama and Abortion, The Likelihood of Willets Point

The McCain campaign distanced itself from comments economic adviser Phil Gramm made about the economy being only a "mental" recession. [The Page]

Womens’ rights advocates are confused about what Barack Obama thinks about abortion. [Politico]

A blogger thinks that the reason there is so much talk about Jesse Jackson’s gaffe is that conservatives hate Jackson more than they love the John McCain. [fivethirtyeight]

Eliot Brown reports that it’s unusually hard to figure out how the City Council will vote on the Willets Point redevelopment plans. [The Real Estate]

Dean Skelos might bring the State Senate back to vote on property tax relief. [Albany Watch]

A Queens blogger disagrees with how the city planning department is defining "public space" in the borough. [Queens Crap]

Weirdly, David Paterson is in Wyoming. [State Politics]

Staten Island just got a trolley to encourage tourism. [Newsday]

The attractions will apparently include a tattoo museum. [Gothamist]

  Obama and Abortion, The Likelihood of Willets Point