Paterson at the NAACP, The Future for Rangel's Apartment

In a speech to the NAACP, David Paterson complained about being called the "accidental governor" by New York media. [Politics on the Hudson]

If Charlie Rangel gives up one of his rent-stabilized apartments, it will probably just go market-rate, because of vacancy decontrol. [City Room]

Charlie Rangel explains to Herb Boyd of Amsterdam News how he uses one of his rent-stabilized apartments:

"A few years ago," he continued, "as our family grew, we rented a small unit next door to our apartment, which served as a sort of den and work room for me and as an extra room for our children, and now our grandchildren, to sleep when they visit us." [no link]

Jesse Jackson issued a general apology after more insulting things he said about Barack Obama surfaced. [A.P.]

Sam Nunn also did the Czechoslovakia thing. [The Swamp]

John Riley notes some scathing words on Sheldon Silver from a judge. [Spin Cycle]

Evan Bayh’s chance of becoming Obama’s running mate might be jeopardized by his former membership on the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, which John McCain also sat on. [T.P.M.]

Anthony Weiner shares this thoughts with commuters. [MetroNY]

Paterson at the NAACP, The Future for Rangel's Apartment