Paterson Confirms He Will Address Economy in Live Broadcast

David Paterson said he wants to address the public in a live broadcast tomorrow about the fiscal problems the state is facing.

Speaking to reporters right after a meeting of the Financial Control Board, Paterson said he is concerned because people "sitting in their homes" know how bad the economy is. “I want to make sure Albany does,” he added.

Paterson did not offer specifics about the speech, and he left open the option of calling the legislature back into session for a budget modification. Paterson indicated there may be service cutbacks and even layoffs of state employees.

During the meeting, Paterson sat next to Michael Bloomberg, who aired some frustration with unions that bypass the city government and go to Albany, where lawmakers “give away” expensive benefits and salaries that the city is left paying for.

Afterward, I asked Paterson for his reaction to Bloomberg’s comments on unions.

“I think that it was a frustrated point-of-view based on some actions taken by Albany in the past and I think that the mayor has some merit in feeling this way,” Paterson said. Paterson Confirms He Will Address Economy in Live Broadcast