Paterson Makes Friendly Call-In to G.O.P. Senator’s Radio Show

David Paterson just called in to a Rochester radio show guest-hosted by Republican State Senator Joe Robach, one of the senators Democrats would like to unseat this year.

Paterson recently faced criticism that he hasn’t done enough to help his Democratic colleagues take control of the State Senate. (Republicans currently have a slim majority.) One Democratic senator reacted to Paterson’s radio appearance by asking me, “What was he thinking?”

Robach was filling in this morning for 1180 WHAM radio host Bob Lonsberry, and spoke to Paterson about the need for a property tax cap.

“You’re very much like me,” Robach said at one point. “You’re right on point,” he also told the governor, adding later, “I applaud you for your leadership.”

Paterson, who Robach reminded of his tight schedule, offered to squeeze out a few more minutes to talk about the tax cap.

“Thank you for your service to the state,” Paterson said to Robach before he hung up.

Robach was a Democrat who switched to the Republican Party in 2002, and is now facing a challenge from a former Democratic state senator, Rick Dollinger. Paterson Makes Friendly Call-In to G.O.P. Senator’s Radio Show