Paterson's Finances Show Polling, Consulting Expenses

David Paterson’s campaign finance filing was just release, and here are some numbers:

$1,959,100 was raised from individuals (although this category includes limited liability partnerships). It also includes a number of $25,000 contributions (from people like Larry Silverstein and Silvercup Studios). That amount is more than twice the limit Paterson’s predecessor imposed on himself.

There’s also a $1,000 contribution to the campaign made by Steve Pigeon, a former upstate Democratic county leader now advising Republican billionaire Tom Golisano.

$66,883.92 was received in in-kind contributions, including $34,197.16 from Spitzer 2010 for “office equipment and supplies.”

$256,705.18 was spent, including $49,850 on polling (June 4) with Global Strategy Group, who got paid an additional $45,000 in consulting.

Paterson's Finances Show Polling, Consulting Expenses