Paterson's Gamble, The Anti-Incumbent Mood in Albany

In response to Fred Dicker’s column that reported David Paterson offered Joe Bruno a job, which Bruno turned down, John Riley writes, "[I]sn’t that a little risky for guy who, after all, is in office by default?" [Spin Cycle]

Three reporters contribute to a pointed critique of the office of borough president. [N.Y. Post]

Some county election commissioners are worried about getting the right voting equipment in time for the elections this fall. [Democrat & Chronicle]

Rick Karlin says there’s an anti-incumbent feeling in Albany that could threaten a number of normally safe legislators. [Times Union]

Barack Obama raised $25 million in one day last month. [Politico]

Obama advisers are reportedly saying that John McCain is now on the defense about national security for the first time. [A.P.]

A New Hampshire newspaper that endorsed McCain and Hillary Clinton in the primary is livid about all the attention Obama is getting. [Union Leader]

Michael Crowley is surprised that Obama isn’t doing better in the latest tracking polls. [The Stump]

  Paterson's Gamble, The Anti-Incumbent Mood in Albany