Pemberton GOP committeeman resigns over Obama/O.J. remarks

Ed Kuck, the Burlington County Republican committeeman at the center of controversy over a racially offensive quote he put on the Pemberton Republicans’ Web site, resigned his post this afternoon, according to Burlington GOP Chairman Bill Layton.

The resignation came hours before Pemberton Council President Diane Stinney called for the resignation of “all involved” with the Web site after it ran a banner ad that read "Obama loves America like O.J. loved Nicole."

“Our country is facing a recession; our taxes keep rising; families have to work harder and harder to protect their children from crime and it’s so important to show people that actions like this are not acceptable,” said Stinney.

Kuck, according to press accounts, was the webmaster for the site. Layton said that the site belonged to Kuck alone, and not the local Republican Party.

“The Burlington County Republican Party has a proud history of elected African-Americans, Hispanics and women, and I would challenge anyone in the country to find a Republican organization that has been more inclusive than our,” said Layton. “Mr. Kuck has resigned, and Councilwoman Stinney should be more concerned about cutting taxes in Pemberton,” said Layton. “The last thing she should be doing is giving an economic class to the Burlington County Republican Party, when all she’s done is raise taxes as a councilwoman in Burlington County.”

Pemberton GOP committeeman resigns over Obama/O.J. remarks