Plouffe on McCain’s Turn to the ‘Gutter’

On a conference call just now, the Obama campaign introduced a new Web site called, a preview of which it provided to reporters, to document attacks by the McCain campaign.

According to campaign manager David Plouffe, the site will include video, news stories and factual information so that voters "can go there and keep track of the last turn into the gutter from the McCain campaign."

"John McCain seems to have made a very strategic decision," he said, to run a campaign based on "character assaults and negative advertisements."

When asked if the “Celeb” ad mocking Obama’s appearance in Berlin had a racial element, Plouffe said, "My only analysis of the ad is that it is frivolous and demeaning to the dialogue of the campaign. John McCain said that he was proud of that ad today."

"People expected better from John McCain," said Plouffe. "He himself promised better."

Plouffe said that the airing of the McCain ad was welcome because it would raise McCain’s unfavorable numbers. Plouffe on McCain’s Turn to the ‘Gutter’