Powell’s Hasids, Davis’s Consultant

Terry McAuliffe says on TV that Hillary Clinton will probably speak Tuesday night at the Democratic National Convention. [The Page]

Robert Novak has a brain tumor. [Human Events]

A Washington-based attorney-blogger calculates who pays what for transit in New York. [Commuter Outrage]

Kevin Powell is reportedly going to get an endorsement from 200 leaders of Williamburg’s Hasidic community. [Brooklyn Paper]

The Monroe County (Rochester area) chair of the Independent Party has been asked to resign after it was revealed he accepted $5,000 in consulting fees from a Democrat running in a Congressional primary. [Democrat & Chronicle]

A police officer appears to push a Critical Mass bicyclist off a bike in this video from last weekend. [Gothamist]

State Senate Democrats have formally endorsed State Senator Kevin Parker, who is facing two primary challengers. [Liz Benjamin Daily Politics] Powell’s Hasids, Davis’s Consultant