Rachael Ray, Hubby Buy Second East Village Co-Op For $1.25 M.

A little over a year ago, celebrity chef Rachael Ray was busy denying rumors that she and her husband of two years, lawyer-cum-rocker John Cusimano, were getting a divorce after the blogosphere began buzzing about his alleged penchant for bondage and prostitutes.

Things sure have changed since then. In June, the couple closed on a $2.9 million beach house in the Hamptons, the New York Post reported. And now they have bought a second co-op in their building at 49 East 12th Street, city records show.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray–eh, Cusimano–live in apartment 6G, and have paid $1.25 million for neighboring unit 6H, according to the deed that appeared today. Could the couple be expanding their already “lofty” apartment, which is reportedly equipped with a roof deck where they grow their own vegetables and grill in the evenings?

Making two large real estate acquisitions in just a little over a month must mean that either they have reconciled or their marriage problems were fabricated. Or perhaps a renovated, sprawling new co-op and a well-appointed beach house is the glue holding them together. Rachael Ray, Hubby Buy Second East Village Co-Op For $1.25 M.