Schundler champions Fulop’s initiatives

Former Jersey City mayor and two-time gubernatorial candidate Bret Schundler, who’s mulling a return to City Hall, said today that he supports the ballot initiatives championed by Steve Fulop, another prospective mayoral candidate, and would go as far to hold a press conference supporting it.

“They very much follow in the footprints of the ethics reforms I proposed during my gubernatorial campaign in 2001,” wrote Schundler in an email to PolitickerNJ.

The initiatives, which are likely to be in the November general election ballot, ban city officials from accepting campaign contributions from vendors with business before the city within a year of the contract’s start date and force City Council members to accept only one taxpayer funded salary.

Schundler said that the advocacy group Common Cause first proposed a similar anti pay-to-play platform to him seven years ago, which became a big part of his own campaign and influenced future reform efforts.

“If these reforms don't pass (though I think they will), I and any council slate I prospectively put together will commit to passing them should we be elected,” he said.

Schundler has approached Fulop about a potential alliance in 2009, as well as a number of other officials. Fulop, however, recently downplayed the possibility. Schundler champions Fulop’s initiatives