‘Senators That Matter’ Endorse Connor

Marty Connor was endorsed by a number of his Democratic colleagues in the State Senate at a press conference on the City Hall steps just now.

While Connor racked up a good number of endorsements, his opponent, Dan Squadron, has the support of one very notable elected official: Chuck Schumer.

I asked two of these State Senators how they felt about Schumer’s involvement in the campaign.

Jeff Klein of the Bronx said, “Well, with all due respect to Senator Schumer, he represents us in the United States Senate. I think it’s clear that the senators that matter endorse Marty Connor.”

Bill Perkins chimed in, “Chuck has a history of endorsing those that work for him. And that does not necessarily mean that they’re the best choice, especially during the period that we’re going through now. So, I think that Chuck is loyal to his staff, and we’re loyal to what is best for the state, and at this point in time, Marty Connor is the one.”

‘Senators That Matter’ Endorse Connor