Squadron Campaign Out-Raises (and Mocks) Incumbent Connor

Democratic State Senate candidate Dan Squadron decisively out-raised incumbent Marty Connor, who he’s challenging.

According to the latest campaign finance filing (January 2008 to July 2008), Squadron raised $226,166.27, spent $122,031.26, and was left with $293,192.01 on hand.

Connor raised $120,555, spent $40,093.08 and has $82,962.92 on hand.

That’s a significant disparity, but in addition, Connor has a second campaign committee, called The Connor Committee, which, according to the filing from the same period, is in debt for $45,513.43.

Since this January, that second Connor campaign committee spent $7,857.74, payments that include numerous political contributions. For example: The Connor Committee gave $500 to the Harry Truman Democratic Club, $300 to the Independent Neighborhoods Democrats, $500 to Downtown Independent Democrats and $500 to the Gay and Lesbian Independent Democrats.

Connor’s campaign spokesman, Chad Marlow, said the debt for the second committee is an error that Connor and the state Board of Elections are working on correcting– the same thing the campaign said when their debt was reported on in 2006.

I asked Marlow why the 2006 problem hasn’t been cleared up.

He said he couldn’t speak on the issue since he didn’t work on the campaign at the time. A spokesman at the State Board of Elections, Bob Brehm, said he wasn’t aware of the situation and would look into Connor’s claims.

Marlow said that Squadron’s fund-raising advantage showed that the insurgent is trying to “buy” the election by taking a lot of money from contributors outside the district.

Squadron campaign spokesman Josh Kriegman responded with undisguised scorn: “It’s too bad that Senator Connor only has the energy to reach out to corporations and  PACs looking for favors in Albany.  The Squadron campaign is happy to give Marty or Chad fund-raising tips any time.”

UPDATE: Chad Marlow emails:

on the subject of Kriegman’s generous offer of fundraising tips, please let him know I genuinely appreciate the offer, but “have rich parents with rich friends” is not really a tip I can practically use.

Connor has previously made mention in a campaign context of Squadron’s father, an influential New York attorney who died in 2001. Squadron Campaign Out-Raises (and Mocks) Incumbent Connor