The Afternoon Wrap: Friday

The Staten Island-Jersey Shore smackdown intensified yesterday, as the "guidos" and "guidettes" of Staten Island took aim at the uncouth mayor of Belmar. [City Room]

It’s been over a week and the iPhone frenzy is still going strong. [Racked]

"Vati-con" (geez, we love New York Post headlines) Rafaello Follieri is cutting a deal that could trim his sentence by three years. [NY Post]

A certain sassy hedge fund honcho has paid $24 million for a condo at the Plaza. [TRD]

Grand Central Station has finally gotten separate women’s restrooms. We didn’t even know that unisex bathrooms existed outside of David E. Kelley shows. [NY Times]

Curbed reports that The Real World Red Hook thing is (sort of) confirmed. That would be cool–not to mention alliterative–but we won’t hold our breath. [Curbed]

Some restaurants are trying to take a bite out of fro-yo’s market share with delivery ice cream to go. Grub Street did a taste test. [Grub Street] The Afternoon Wrap: Friday