The Afternoon Wrap: Monday

Next time the latent activist inside you rears its ugly head and makes you second-guess those Friday night dinner plans on the LES, pick up a "bodega party in a box" and invite your limousine-liberal pals over for dinner instead. [Gawker]

Residents of Chelsea are being asked to report any incidents of littering, vandalism, and Vespa abuse picked up by surveillance cameras. [Curbed]

Frank Bruni returns to BoBo and concludes that the food is still less than stellar, but "like a gorgeous cheerleader or lifeguard" the restaurant just doesn’t have to work very hard for diners’ affection. [Diner’s Journal]

The iPhone frenzy is still gripping Manhattan full-force. [Racked]

An add that makes oblique references to pubic hair with the slogan "color for hair down there" has once again sparked debate about the M.T.A.’s oversight of subway advertisements. [City Room]

The IMF joins the chorus of Cassandras with a bleak forecast of the U.S. housing market. [Bloomberg]

New York City brownstone dwellers may do well to follow the lead of rich Londoners who build down, rather than up, when they want to expand their homes. [Wealth Report] The Afternoon Wrap: Monday