The Afternoon Wrap: Thursday

To prove that "money does not buy taste nor does it buy common sense," Property Grunt has started a weekly feature "Queens or Scarsdale." See if you can tell where some of these suburban gems are located. [Property Grunt]

The Donald’s development partner on the Trump Soho project, the Bayrock Group, has sold the Loehmann’s store in Sheepshead Bay to an unknown buyer for $24 million, setting a new neighborhood record. The buyer is rumored to be a "local Russian businessman." [Sheepshead Bites]

A former employee of the city’s housing agency has been arrested for allegedly charging more than a dozen tenants $5,000 to $6,000 each for federally subsidized rent vouchers, and she’s not taking the fall alone. In what seems like an especially punitive move given the city’s dwindling stock of affordable housing, the people who paid for the Section 8 vouchers have also been charged. [City Room]

A $7 cup of tea at BLT is the first target of Frank Bruni’s new "That Costs What!?!" segment. [Diner’s Journal]

In the totally unfounded rumor department, the developer of a 32-story hotel on 34th Street may be installing honest-to-goodness wind turbines on the roof to power the building. [Curbed]

Karl Lagerfeld joins the bevy of celebrities with licensing deals in Dubai–which he described as "a fashion bud on the verge of blossoming"–with a new development called La Isla Moda. (That’s Italian for island of gaudy, overblown McMansions–er, we meant "Fashion.") [Gawker]

And here, above, is a look inside corporate raider–or activist shareholder if you prefer–Carl Icahn’s yacht. Apparently any old schmo can rent the 180-foot "Starfire" for between $196,000 to $250,000 depending on the season. [Cityfile] The Afternoon Wrap: Thursday