The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

At a busy South Bronx pool, an unlikely man keeps the peace. [NY Times] Rudin Management’s building at 215 East

At a busy South Bronx pool, an unlikely man keeps the peace. [NY Times]

Rudin Management’s building at 215 East 68th Street is a rent-stabilized haven for public officials past and present. [NY Times]

The man behind the blog parodying life at Stuy Town, "Lux Living," actually lives in Alphabet City. [NY Times]

Lights! Camera! Ca-Ching! New Yorkers can earn between $500 to $10,000 per-day renting their homes as film sets. [NY Times]

The son of legendary Upper East Side baker, Seth Greenberg, works from the kitchen of his home in Scarsdale. [NY Times]

For a brief moment in 1929, the City Bank Farmers Trust Building was to be the second-tallest building in Manhattan after the Empire State Building. [NY Times]

Insurent guarantees one-year leases for newly-minted college graduates with job offers, but no salaries yet. [NY Times]

In Connecticut the sale of unfinished homes is another sign of the market’s decline. [NY Times]

The housing market morass has created a new class of real estate investors: The unintentional landlord. [NY Times]

Representative Chuck Rangel is one of many high-profile tenants to have leased more than one rent-stabilized unit in the past decade. [NY Times]

Russian moguls are propping up the luxury market in Manhattan and beyond. [NY Times]

An investment banker who owns two condos at Richard Meier’s glass-walled building at 173-Perry Street is putting one of them on the market for $12.5 million, triple what he paid for it in 2004. [NY Times]

Rudy Guliani is partnering with Berman Enterprises on a real estate investment fund based on Washington and New York City properties. [NY Times]

The number of Americans filing for bankruptcy has spiked, despite recent reforms. [NY Post]

From dining in the buff to nude yoga, clothing-optional activities are catching on in the city. [NY Post]

A strip club owner is charged with trademark infringement for advertising Subway sandwiches and dancing. [NY Post]

Some of the city’s wealthiest neighborhoods are experiencing a surge in crime. [NY Post]

A look at the other high-profile, rent-stabilized tenants at the Lenox. [NY Post]

Over 200,000 New York City families have yet to claim their federal stimulus checks. [NY Post]

After a year of fanfare, most Red Hook food vendors are open for business. [NYDN]

Senate Republicans vow to pass Governor Paterson’s proposed school property tax cap. [NY Sun]

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