Photographs that seeing won’t make you believe

Since Photoshop trickery has turned us all into cynics and disbelievers when it comes to photography, we were all the more delighted to see the decidedly non-digitalized photo series “The Impossible Art of Li Wei.”

In this series of 15 photos by a Beijing-based artist-photographer, the subjects hold radically implausible poses that seem to defy gravity: A man’s head sticks out of a windshield, his body ramrod-straight; a group of bodies seemingly fly out of a front loader; a man is kicked off the roof of a building, captured at the instant he begins to fall. Li crafted the incredible images — part performance art and part photo essay — using mirrors, metal wires, scaffolding, and acrobatics.

It’s magical realism with an urban, contemporary edge. And it’s sublime.

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