The Jolie-Pitts Snub American Media, Put Provincial French Paper on the Map

The ever charitable Jolie-Pitts, who went as far as installing a magical shield across the windows of Ms. Jolie’s hospital room in France, decided to bestow the privilege of covering the birth of their babies to one particular publication according to AP

It wasn’t In Touch, which reported on Saturday that two girls were born to the couple. And it wasn’t OK! magazine or Us Weekly or the slew of other tabloids that elbowed each other to the finish line of breaking the news, reporting false names and times of birth in the process. 

No, it was a local French daily newspaper titled Nice-Matin, with a circulation of 280,000.

"It was Brad Pitt who chose to give the scoop to Nice-Matin," said the paper’s assistant editor-in-chief, Olivier Biscaye. "He said to the doctor that the local media should be the first informed about the birth."

The provincial paper’s reporter put on the story was allowed inside the hospital to interview Ms. Jolie’s obstetrician Dr. Michel Sussman, while the hoards of reporters were left snapping photos of the closing door. He was warned 30 minutes prior to Ms. Jolie being taken in for her C-section and he was given the names, weights, and sexes of the babies right after their births.

He was told Mr. Pitt’s first words: "Marvelous, wonderful!"

According to the report, an anonymous U.S. publication has already paid Nice-Matin $11 million for exclusive rights to the first photo of the updated Pitt-Jolie family. Proceeds will go to charity.  

"Nice-Matin has always chosen not to play the game of paparazzi towards the celebrities who have chosen to live in the region. We respect them, and they do likewise. We let them have a peaceful life. This is why I think Brad and Angelina have chosen to make this gift to Nice-Matin," said the paper’s editor, Christophe Caietti.

Right, of course that’s why. Or maybe it was just a big F-You to American tabloid photographers who have been camped outside the Lenval hospital in the South of France for the past few weeks.  

  The Jolie-Pitts Snub American Media, Put Provincial French Paper on the Map