The Morning Read: Friday, July 25, 2008

A state commission said there was not enough evidence to accuse Eliot Spitzer of wrongdoing after the Troopergate investigate, even though four of his aides were found to have acted improperly.

A Spitzer spokesman said the report makes it clear that the former governor didn’t do anything wrong.

The New York Post editorial board said, “[I]t is inconceivable, given Spitzer’s manic ways and his compulsive attention to detail, that he wasn’t up to his eyeballs in Troopergate.”

David Grandeau, former lobbying commission chair, agrees.

Tom Precious notes, “The ethics panel is dominated by appointees of the former governor.”

The new report, which took over a year, did not substantially differ from Andrew Cuomo’s, which took three weeks, according to Jacob Gershman.

“They are mindlessly rabid,” Spitzer wrote in an email, referring to the reporters at the New York Post.

The Spitzer administration tried stonewalling investigators with unrealistic claims of executive privilege.

The commission said former communication director Darren Dopp all but wrote the newspaper story that, ironically, triggered the investigation.

Some folks in Queens take credit for shaping Barack Obama’s agenda.

Obama is still on the defense about canceling a trip to visit wounded troops in Germany–he says he was uncomfortable because the visit would have been deemed a campaign event.

Obama is in France today, with "pal" Nicolas Sarkozy.

Michael Bloomberg, again, called for the state to collect taxes on cigarettes sold on Indian reservations.

Bloomberg is fund-raising for the Independence Party in Minnesota.

The number of small donors to city candidates has increased.

David Paterson signed a bill to help young hunters.

Gersh Kuntzman grills the city parks commissioner, and Chuck Schumer asks him to knock it off.

A report by Bill Thompson shows New York City is hugely important to the American economy.

The NYPD gained control of security at Ground Zero.

Andy Wolf says Bloomberg’s education reforms “will fade away as surely as the morning dew.”

Republican City Council candidate Robert Hornack makes his candidacy official.

And Urban Elephants is back.
The Morning Read: Friday, July 25, 2008