The Morning Read: Thursday, July 23, 2008

As natural gas companies race to secure drilling rights in New York State, David Paterson signed a law that will

As natural gas companies race to secure drilling rights in New York State, David Paterson signed a law that will permit a risky new kind of drilling.

Abrahm Lustgarten of ProPublica writes in the Times Union that the drilling technique Paterson approved has a good chance of contaminating the city’s drinking water, as well as the drinking water elsewhere in the state.

Rick Karlin tries explaining the hypothetic charges Darren Dopp may still face.

John McCain is counter programming Barack Obama’s speech in Berlin by campaigning with Lance Armstrong in Ohio.

Obama leads McCain 47-41, in a new NBC News-W.S.J. poll–the same results the poll found last month.

Obama will air ads during the Olympics–an expensive proposition.

Paterson signed a new brownfield law meant to cut down on the number of developers who are profiting off tax breaks without sufficiently cleaning up the sites.

Here comes the George Pataki museum.

Two former aides to Rudy Giuliani quit working for the State Republican Party.

Doug Muzzio says, “What I’ve seen with Obama is a cockiness."

The M.T.A. is seeking another fare hike in 2011.

The Daily News editorial board writes, “Enough with governors, mayors and lawmakers decrying fare hikes while denying the M.T.A. adequate funding to avoid them.”

Errol Louis wants Michael Bloomberg in charge of the trains. (He also thinks Eric Gioia has a good idea about raising revenues.)

CNN may strike a deal with the M.T.A.

Republican Congressional candidate Bob Straniere is in Washington, D.C. today.

Paterson said he’d sign a law requiring even those who aren’t employees of public employee unions to pay union dues.

Paterson quietly killed the “death unit.”

Some lawmakers from the city worry that a property tax cap will end up siphoning money away from city schools.

Fifteen City Council members want taxis to be able to charge an extra dollar because of rising fuel prices.

Former Newark mayor Sharpe James did not catch a break.

The New York Times editorial board wants to oust Democratic Assemblyman David Gantt because he opposes red light cameras.

More than one million New Yorkers used food stamps.

In announcing a joint $500 million effort with Bill Gates to curb tobacco use, Bloomberg said, “All the money in the world will never eradicate tobacco.”

David Seifman wrote that the Bloomberg and Gates venture is “[a]dding immense firepower” to the war on smoking.

And a cartoonist enjoys Paterson’s fight against violent video games.

The Morning Read: Thursday, July 23, 2008