The Morning Read: Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hillary Clinton had a private dinner with Diane Feinstein, the founder of Emily’s List, and two others.

She owes $146,000 to universities and colleges for campaign events.

Clinton reportedly accepted Barack Obama’s offer to speak on the second day of the Democratic convention.

Exxon Mobil broke its own record and recorded the highest ever profit for an American company in the second quarter! 

The McCain campaign is having problems delivering a consistent message, mainly because of the candidate himself, writes the Washington Post.

The group "Vote Both," which had been pushing for Clinton as V.P., is closing down.

In a Washington Post op-ed with Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, David Paterson asked the feds to pass a second economic stimulus package that would include money for infrastructure maintenance.

Paterson wants to cut $600 million across the board from the current budget, then work on ways to plug the gap in next year’s budget.

Raising taxes is a “last resort,” Paterson said.

Sheldon Silver thinks Paterson is overreacting, and instead of reducing spending, Silver wants to raise taxes on the wealthy people.

The Daily News editorial board cannot believe that Silver, talking about the budget, said, “Let’s sit around for a few more weeks and analyze a little more data before we act precipitously.”

Dean Skelos said he won’t support laying off state employees.

Paterson is trying to break from Albany’s pattern of not dealing with fiscal problems, writes Danny Hakim.

Bill Thompson spent $600,000 on consultants, far more than his potential mayoral rivals.

John Catsimatidis is staffing up.

So is Republican Congressional candidate Jamshad Wyne on Staten Island.

The New York Times editorial board cautions Paterson against leasing state assets, and says raising taxes has to be considered.

E.J. McMahon says spending is the problem.

The New York Post editorial headlined “Don’t Do It Dave” is not about raising taxes, but rather, about giving a job to Richard Kessel.

In an op-ed, Mark Green wrote “When it comes to flip-flopping, McCain recently has made John Kerry look like the Rock of Gibraltar.”

New York City will join five states in suing the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

Robert Morgenthau turns 89 today.

A new bill to help people suffering from 9/11-related illnesses could cost $13 billion.

There’s resistance to a bill that would map cancer cases in New York State.

And sorry: city officials said they don’t plan on creating a citywide WiFi network. The Morning Read: Thursday, July 31, 2008