The Morning Read: Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The New York Times report from Barack Obama’s Middle East trip says, "Mr. Obama seemed to have navigated one of

The New York Times report from Barack Obama’s Middle East trip says, "Mr. Obama seemed to have navigated one of the riskiest parts of a weeklong international trip without a noticeable hitch and to have gained a new opportunity to blunt attacks on his national security credentials."

Obama goes to Jordan, Israel and the West Bank toda–according to the Daily News, it‘s the most "politically perilous" leg.

Near where Obama is staying in Jerusalem, a man with a backhoe just drove over a number of cars before being shot by police.

In an Wall Street Journal op-ed, Shelby Steele writes that Obama’s campaign “is more cultural than political. He sells himself more as a cultural breakthrough than as a candidate for office.”

A report that John McCain would announce his running mate this week surfaced briefly, but Jonathan Martin says that even though McCain is close to a decision, he’ll probably wait, and let the speculation run wild.

The McCain campaign continues to go back and forth with the New York Times over the op-ed the paper rejected.

Liz quotes a source close to the Albany D.A. saying, “The district attorney has substantial evidence here that [Herbert] Teitelbaum acted unethically."

“I know that I would be an excellent mayor,” Marty Markowitz said.

David Paterson discussed his plan for low-interest loans for students yesterday.

“Mr. Paterson’s office did not provide any details of the shape or scope of the program,” writes the New York Times.

Paterson issues a warning about the impact of smaller Wall Street bonuses on state revenue next year.

The New York Post editorial board wants to get rid of the office of borough president.

The New York Times editorial board likes Michael Bloomberg’s new formula for calculating poverty.

Bloomberg trashed the city Board of Elections.

Errol Louis reports that the feds have dropped their probe of Al Sharpton.

Andrew Cuomo tells Comcast to block access to child porn.

Christine Quinn unveiled a plan to protect kids online.

Here’s more on Charles Barron‘s recent praise of the police.

Frank Lautenberg is dropping his effort to give Bruce Springsteen tickets to contributors.

Bill Hammond says the city should blame the feds for high electric bills.

Transit and toll fares are going up because the the M.T.A. has to plug a $900 million budget gap.

A right-to-life candidate will challenge a Democratic assemblywoman in Syracuse.

And sorry. No Liberian election on Staten Island.

The Morning Read: Tuesday, July 22, 2008