The Morning Read: Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Barack Obama told Israelis and Palestinians they both share responsibility for progres, saying, "[T]here’s a tendency for each side to focus on the faults of the other instead of looking in the mirror."

The Washington Post writes that Obama "has remade the campaign’s foreign policy playing field," and "declared the war in Iraq all but over."

Obama visited the Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem and received "an unusually warm welcome" from Israeli President Shimon Peres.

More anti-terrorism money is coming to New York City.

Working for Anthony Weiner is tougher than boot camp.

Eliot Spitzer has been notified that he’s still being investigated by the State Commission on Public Integrity.

There’s a federal probe of former congressman John Sweeney’s connection to a lobbying firm.

A top operative working for Rudy Giuliani’s was demoted from his position as the state Republican Party because others felt he was most interested in pushing Giuliani for governor.

David Seifman also notes Anthony Weiner’s warm remarks about Michael Bloomberg are dramatically different than how he spoke about the mayor in 2005.

Grace Rauh writes that Weiner’s remarks seem to depart from when he said in June–that Bloomberg gets a pass from his “lapdog press.”

Andrew Cuomo spoke to local residents in Albany.

A fiscal watchdog wants the city to roll back its property tax cut.

Tom Friedman says the troop surge that John McCain supported has made Iraq safe for Obama’s foreign policy.

The New York Times is skeptical that Obama can reach the goal of his health care plan in the time he says he can.

Elected officials are unhappy with the M.T.A.’s proposed fare hike for next year.

Joe Bruno, who retired as a state senator on Friday, is today the C.E.O. of a company that does business with the state. The Morning Read: Wednesday, July 23, 2008