The Morning Read: Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Barack Obama is related to a New Yorker! Obama, Michelle Obama and their two kids speak to Access Hollywood. Some

Barack Obama is related to a New Yorker!

Obama, Michelle Obama and their two kids speak to Access Hollywood.

Some Hillary Clinton supporters don’t want to give her a symbolic vote at the convention.

Tom Golisano’s new P.A.C. could put him at odds with fellow billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who openly says he wants the State Senate to remain Republican.

“We need change in Albany,” Golisano said.

Golisano said he’d endorse Republicans, Democrats and independent candidates.

Golisano’s lawyer said it doesn’t matter what you call it, his client is forming a P.A.C.

Golisano said he also thinks about running for governor “every day.” but he currently has no plans to do so.

One friend of Golisano’s said the P.A.C. could cement his political legacy.

The Syracuse Post Standard’s editorial board doesn’t like Golisano’s approach.

David Paterson signed 137 bills and vetoed 16. One of the bills that passed allows wine tasting to start two hours earlier on Sundays. One of the bills banned expanding binding arbitration for new classes of public employees.

Paterson called it a “historically productive legislative session.”

The cost of Paterson’s staff is $15.68 million, which is $1.5 million more than Eliot Spitzer’s.

Andrew Cuomo opposes a 13 percent guaranteed profit for an upstate energy company.

State lawmakers on Long Island haven’t given away member item money they promised charities back in 2005.

Democrats in the State Senate will hold hearings on mayoral control of city public schools.

Joe Bruno may not finish his term.

Kirsten Gillibrand and Sandy Treadwell both support boosting domestic oil production.

Al Sharpton declined to plead guilty to disorderly conduct.

Bill Thompson said the E.D.C.’s lax oversight of a piece of property on the East Side “may have jeopardized public safety.”

A state mandated report on infection rates at hospitals doesn’t actually name any hospitals.

The New York Times editorial board favors a $1 fuel surcharge on taxi passengers, but wants the drivers to stop making calls.

Bloomberg said there’s nothing you can do about scalpers selling free Bon Jovi tickets.

The former Port Authority executive director, George Marlin, wants a federal investigation into the delays at Ground Zero.

And bus ridership is outpacing service in the city.
The Morning Read: Wednesday, July 9, 2008