The Office World Is Grown So Bad/That Brokers Resort to Quoting Shakespeare

It’s getting ugly out there. So ugly, that Wharton Property Advisors has taken to quoting Shakespeare to attract office tenants. The firm’s most recent release, detailing 10 available spaces, opens with:

"Exit, pursued by a bear."

William Shakespeare, "Winter’s Tale"
(Act III, scene iii, stage direction)

It’s a graceful use of a stage direction, even if the brokers are referring to a bear market, not the fate of Antigonus and Perdita.

The release in question reminds those in the industry that for every cloud – in this case, a sun-obscuring whirlwind worthy of a post-apocalyptic sci-fi film – there is a silver lining. Bargains! Hurray!

The release is below.


A bear market is defined as a prolonged period in which investment prices fall, accompanied by widespread pessimism. However, we at Wharton Property Advisors are optimistic that there are now bargains to be had for the discerning office tenant. But you need a good agent in order find them if (1) you are not in the real estate industry, and (2) don’t have time to spend on an extensive search. We are monitoring the market closely and scouring the available opportunities for bargains that will benefit our clients.

Is your lease coming due soon or have you outgrown your space? If so, then Wharton Property Advisors can help. We search NYC for the most advantageous office space situations and then help our clients negotiate favorable terms. Or, if you like your current space we can help renegotiate your lease. We always represent our clients with honesty, diligence and integrity.


Wharton Property Advisors, Inc. helps NYC office tenants find and dispose of office space. We provide the full range of commercial real estate services. Finding and negotiating great deals is our specialty. Moreover, we represent our clients with intelligence, honesty and diligence!!

The Office World Is Grown So Bad/That Brokers Resort to Quoting Shakespeare