The Round-Up: Friday

The city’s economy slowed to a crawl, falling below the national growth rate after exceeding it for almost two years. [NY Times]

The new housing bill has something in it for everyone. [NY Times]

Residents might be rich, but East Hampton is broke. The town is set to end the year with a $12 million deficit. [NY Post]

Mayor Bloomberg said uncollected taxes on cigarettes sold at Indian reservations could spare straphangers at least one of the two planned fare increases. [NY Post]

Madison Square Garden officials named a construction manager to head the $500 million arena renovation, dealing another blow to Moynihan Station plans. [Crain’s]

A new report from the City Comptroller’s office found that the New York metropolitan area is the biggest contributor to US GDP, probably because Connecticut suburbs like Greenwich were included. [NY Sun]

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo filed civil fraud charges against UBS over the firm’s handling of auction-rate securities before the $330 billion market collapsed earlier this year. [WSJ]

One in 519 city households got foreclosure-related notices last quarter. [Daily News]

The Round-Up: Friday