The Round-Up: Thursday

Staten Island’s newest year-round attraction is aiming to get the 1.5 million visitors who ride the ferry every year to step off the boat and onto the tour bus. [NY Times]

Officials of a construction company that did work for the city were charged on Wednesday with cheating workers out of more than half a million dollars and inflating payroll figures to bilk money from the city. [NY Times]

A judge halted plans to blast rock to build the Croton Water Filtration in the Bronx until a hearing on the project scheduled for September takes place. [NY Times]

Brooklyn Bowl aims to be the only place in the city where you can go "see a show, do some bowling, [and] eat some French-bread pizza from Blue Ribbon." [NY Times]

A record number of hotels are opening this year, and the timing could not be worse. [NY Times]

New Yorkers have a habit of domesticating public spaces in the summer. [NY Times]

One of the best ways to set your house apart, real estate experts say, is to borrow a trick from professional set designers and stage your home. [NY Times]

Gimme Shelter: David Walentas has put the 115-acre Bridge Hampton Polo Club on the market for $95 million; Natalie Portman is asking $6.55 million for her three-bedroom apartment in Richard Meier’s building on Charles Street. [NY Post]

In the aftermath of JP Morgan’s acquisition of Bear Stearns, the firm’s name lives on. [Bloomberg]

Mayor Bloomberg cautioned against selling the subway system to the private sector yesterday. [NY Sun]

It may be the best time in a decade to buy a country house. [NY Sun]

Amid the credit crunch, sovereign wealth funds are gaining ground. [NY Sun]

The developer of the Sheffield57 in Midtown is embroiled in a legal battle with his rent-stabilized tenants, but is still trying to attract buyers with new amenities. [NY Sun] The Round-Up: Thursday