The Round-Up: Wednesday

Recent accidents in New York City have cast a spotlight on serious industry flaws in the crane operating industry that have been all but habitual. [NY Times]

As economy heads south, office rents head north. [NY Times]

Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins joined the chorus of West Village residents opposing the St. Vincent’s development plan yesterday. [NY Times]

With limited options to expand, New York City’s art services industry that has sprung up in the dark warehouses. [NY Times]

More US homeowners are taking in boarders. [NY Times]

Between the Bricks: A partnership headed by Peter and Anthony Malkin has agreed to pay $9.5 million for the land underneath 122 West 34th Street; A Cuba’s Cafe will open in Hell’s kitchen. [NY Post]

The trial of a Brooklyn developer accused of swindling $15 million of mortgage payments from 40 families from Crown Heights began today. [NYDN]

A construction worker was killed when a truck hit the crane he was on. [NYDN]

Some Chinatown and Lower East Side residents protested the rezoning of the neighborhood yesterday. [NYDN]

A New York City designer sued the Door Store for misappropriation of ideas. [NY Sun] The Round-Up: Wednesday