The Round-Up: Wednesday

The MTA’s subway fare hike proposal angered passengers and politicians, and some elected officials said they will try to prevent it. [NY Times]

Tishman Speyer’s revenues from Stuyvesant Town dropped last year. [NY Times]

Governor Paterson plans to sign a bill into law that will alter the state’s program to encourage developers to build on polluted sites, known as brownfields. [NY Times]

To Starbucks, a closing; to Newark, a trauma. [NY Times]

President Bush told a Houston, Texas fundraiser: "Wall Street got drunk." [NY Times]

An increasingly pessimistic state financial monitor warned yesterday that falling tax revenues and increasing expenses are going to produce monumental, higher-than-forecast city budget gaps starting next year. [NY Post]

Burberry is negotiating a lease for retail space and naming rights at 444 Madison Avenue; Brooks Brothers is expanding its store at 346 Madison Avenue. [NY Post]

The chief of the MTA plans to appoint a manager to run each subway line like a "mini-railroad." [NYDN]

Upper East Side residents are pressuring the Landmarks Preservation Commission to expand the boundaries of the UES Historic District to include 200 more buildings. [NY Sun]

The Round-Up: Wednesday