Tim Gunn is Not Fond of Cindy McCain's 'Face-Lift' Hairdo

Michelle Obama or Cindy McCain?

That’s what Tim Gunn was asked as part of Time ‘s 10 Questions feature, and to which it seemed he gave a fairly benign answer:

Michelle Obama. Absolutely. She looks so comfortable and relaxed in her style, in her fashion, and she exudes that. She has a presence that gives you confidence in her.

But New York Magazine‘s The Cut fashion blog discovered that in the videotaped version of the Q&A, the Project Runway host gave a rather more severe answer. After giving praise to Mrs. Obama, he compares her to Mrs. McCain, whom he says "looks like someone has twisted her ponytail into a knot and tried to give her a face-lift." Zing!

Also, of note: Mr. Gunn refers to himself in third person, beginning the interview by saying: "Tim Gunn is absolutely, completely floored, and exhilarated and thrilled to be here!" O.K., wow. Tim Gunn is Not Fond of Cindy McCain's 'Face-Lift' Hairdo