Tuesday, July 22nd

A mass tofu tasting? Is this some plot to clear a 10-block radius around Astor Place? Hmmm. … A tofu company has patched together an impressive list of chefs, including culinary chemist Wylie Dufresne of WD-50, Perry Street’s Erik Battes and Insieme’s Edward Higgins, who will engage in a soybean showdown. And then Mr. Dufresne lied straight to our faces: “I like tofu. … I think that it has some potential in a number of ways.” Mr. Battes also shoveled some bull our way: “Tofu’s textures have been thought of as unpleasant, wrongly so. … Tofu can be made sweet, savory and has a myriad of different textures and flavors that can go along with it.” We know it’s summer, fellas, but give it up.

[Tofu Around the World Cook-Off sponsored by House Foods, Astor Center, 399 Lafayette Street at East Fourth Street, 3 p.m.].

mbryan@observer.com Tuesday, July 22nd