Wednesday, July 16th

That serene quiet in the city and the unmistakable sweet scent of apple-cheeked virgins in the air is no mystery: Most of the city’s quote socialites unquote and their Adderall-ed armies of publicists have hauled their circus acts out to the Hamptons. Even blinged-out Nolita model haunt GoldBar smells like the first day of summer camp! Tonight at said boîte there’s a bash for author, screenwriter and Hollywood producer Todd Komarnicki (Gesundheit!)—best known for producing Will Ferrell’s Christmas classic Elf—and his new novel, War. It’s “an antiwar, pro-soldier book,” he told us. “I wrote it because of this useless and deeply frustrating war that we’re stuck in. I wanted to create a voice for the soldier. We’ve heard so little protest. … We’ve fallen into a morass and so people say, ‘Why bother talking about it, because we’re all against it?’ It’s a strange kind of culture.” Of course, GoldBar is an unlikely place to contemplate big questions (people who spend $400 for $26 bottles of vodka are by nature not deep thinkers). “My dear, dear buddy runs events for GoldBar and Cain, and he hooked me up,” explained Mr. Komarnicki, appropriately sheepishly. But he claimed it’s not as unlikely a match as you might think: “This is a badass book and it’s going to be a badass party. And, I mean, have you seen GoldBar? It’s all gold and there are skulls all over. There’s something sort of apocalyptic about it.” The horror

[Todd Komarnicki’s War book party, GoldBar, 389 Broome Street, 9 p.m.] Wednesday, July 16th