Wednesday, July 30th

The campaign to smack you in the head with a Wiffle Ball bat until you give up and watch The Wire continues today, as series creator David Simon appears with writer Richard Price and actors Seth Gilliam (Sgt. Ellis Carver), Clark Johnson (Gus Haynes) and Amy Ryan (“Beadie”) to discuss the making of the HBO series. Your deadbeat boyfriend will love it! Steal his weed and take in “Walking with Dinosaurs: The Live Experience” at Madison Square Garden, featuring life-size T-rexes and Brachiosauruses “gnashing and cavorting” through natural disasters such as comets, volcanoes and the splitting of the continents. Second thought: leave the weed at home; call cops, watch deadbeat boyfriend get booked; when he complains, tell him, “But it’s just like The Wire!”

[Making The Wire, Times Center, 242 West 41st Street, 7 p.m., 718-784-4520; Walking with Dinosaurs: The Live Experience, Madison Square Garden,] Wednesday, July 30th