Weiner Likes (Some) Mega-Development in Slow Economy

Representative Anthony Weiner, a mayoral hopeful, gave his support for a string of large development projects in the city today, saying they’re important in a time of economic uncertainty.

"New York needs to continue to grow–I’m a pro-development guy," he said, speaking at a Crain’s breakfast. "If you look at downtown, you look at West Side, you look at Penn Station, you look at Ratner, you look at these things–I think that you’re going to see that I’m going to be advocating. I want them to be successful, particularly in this time of slow economic growth."

Then, hitting on his favorite theme, Mr. Weiner said the middle-class does not always see a clear, tangible benefit from the projects, adding, "It does create challenges that we have to solve."

The Brooklyn and Queens congressman also defended political resistance to Wal-Mart, which has been repeatedly beaten back from attempts to open in New York City [video here].

Both videos courtesy of The Observer’s Azi Paybarah.

Weiner Likes (Some) Mega-Development in Slow Economy