Weiner Spends $200 K, No Polling

Anthony Weiner’s campaign filing is up. Some observations:

Among Weiner’s contributors is Manhattan real estate developer Albert Laboz (who is not a popular landlord in Brooklyn).

Weiner spent $213,901 this period (January 12-July 11), including $2,000 he paid his former chief of staff, Marc Dunkelman, for campaign consulting in May. Dunkelman now works at the D.L.C.

Weiner also paid $36,000 to his D.C.-based consultants at Freedman Consulting L.L.C. (The same people he worked with in 2005).

And according to this filing, he didn’t pay for any polling, unlike some other folks eyeing citywide office.

Weiner Spends $200 K, No Polling