What Would You Ask Haruki Murakami?

Gotta question for the hippest Japanese novelist (and memoirist) around? Log in to Time magazine’s Web site, where you can ask Haruki Murakami a question and possibly read the answer in a subsequent interview. Be careful what you ask for. Your question will be posted underneath the submission form after you enter it, along with your name and location.

So what does America want to know about Mr. Murakami? Here are some gems:

Posted by Kwok Sing in Amsterdam:

In stories like ‘Slow Boat to China’ or in your novel ‘wind up bird’, you are cautiously tackling the problematic relationship between Japan and China which of course is shaped by the historical events in the 20th century. How would you describe this troubled relation between these two countries? And can you also explain why you think you, as a writer from Japan, have so many devoted readers of your work in China (and Taiwan)?

Posted by Chris Bishop in Athens, Georgia:

When you’re feeling lowbrow, what current trends or activities do you enjoy?

Posted by Sara Ivry in Brooklyn:

What brand of sneaker do you prefer to run in, and how often do you replace your running shoes?

Posted by gracie rosen in Brooklyn, NY:

Nothing was sure when I was 27 or 28…. but what about when I’m 29?

Posted by Isaiah Lim in Singapore:

How would you own funeral be like?

Posted by Frederic Turner in Cambridge:

Why are your novels so awful?





  What Would You Ask Haruki Murakami?