1 Out of 2 Flacks Agree: Jewish Channel A Lot Like HBO

Our sibling blog, The Culture Czar, drew our attention to a New York Times article about The Jewish Channel, a cable network devoted to Jewish interests.

As The Times‘ Joanne Kaufman writes: “The channel, which has been labeled the ‘Jewish HBO,’ relies mostly on pre-existing content.”

What a pithy, perfectly formulated analogy: It really tells us everything there is to know about this little-seen network. Wonder who came up with it?

According to a July 25, 2008 article by Barbara Pash in the Baltimore Jewish Times:

Aaron Horning [sic.] calls it the ‘Jewish HBO.’ That’s a quick and easy reference for viewers to identify The Jewish Channel, a premium cable television channel that is now available in the Baltimore metropolitan area through Verizon FiOS.
Mr. Horning [sic.] is the publicist for TJC, which is headquartered in New York City under the egis of Compass Productions, the parent company.

(It should be noted that the network’s publicist spells his name “Hornung.”)

In June, Mr. Hornung told The Staten Island Advance, “Many have described us as a Jewish HBO.

Yes, many.

Of course, not everyone agrees with Mr. Hornung and… himself.

Another spokesperson for the network, Michael Tobman, told The Jewish Week‘s Adam Dickter in November 2007, “While some people have called it a Jewish HBO, we prefer to call it a Jewish Sundance Channel or Independent Film Channel.”

1 Out of 2 Flacks Agree: Jewish Channel A Lot Like HBO