3 Oranges, 3 Diet Cokes and 4 Bagels for Media Pavilion 4!

Media outfits are camped out in several different press tents just outside the Pepsi Center. So far, the heavyweight tent is Media Pavilion 4 where you’ll find The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Bloomberg News, Reuters, Congressional Quarterly, McClatchy, the Hearst papers, The New York Post and the The Daily News.

And what do you do if you’re a reporter and you want a moment to break away from your laptop?

Head over to the Media Spa, located dead in the middle of the tent. It’s open for 11.5 hours every day ("11:30am to 11pm!"). We went there around noon (mountain time) and found it mostly unoccupied. Either there aren’t a lot of snacks and drinks to go around, or everyone grabbed their morning spoils. Here’s what we found: three diet cokes, three sprites, one regular coke, some peach and strawberry fruit blend Dannon yogurts, three oranges, some type of pumpkin bread, and 4 bagels, including two onion.

Considering there are a few hundred reporters to go around in this tent, Adam Nagourney may have to split that bagel with Al Hunt.

There is some good news for Mr. Nagourney: if he doesn’t want to leave the Times section, there’s a big bowl of Twizzlers available!

3 Oranges, 3 Diet Cokes and 4 Bagels for Media Pavilion 4!