7 For September

Lakeview Terrace

Um, this movie looks scary. Directed by terrifying-in-his-own-right Neil LaBute from a screenplay written by David Loughery and Howard Korder, it stars Patrick Wilson (Little Children) and Kerry Washington (I Think I Love My Wife) as a newlywed couple who move into their dream house in California. However, their next-door neighbor, an LAPD officer (Samuel L. Jackson), disapproves of their interracial relationship, and under the guise of a neighborhood watch, starts to harass the couple. When the couple fights back, things spin wildly out of control. There is a great tradition of movies where cops are the bad guys (Training Day, we love you!), and while we’re happy to see Mr. Jackson in a movie that doesn’t involve time travel or snakes on a plane, he looks almost too maniacal in this one. (Sept. 19, Sony)


The Lucky Ones

Ah, the road-trip genre. It’s had its hits (Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Thelma and Louise, Fandango), and its misses (Britney Spears in Crossroads, anyone? Are We There Yet?). The Lucky Ones should settle happily in the former category. It’s directed by Neil Burger (The Illusionist) who co-wrote the script with Dirk Wittenborn, and the film revolves around three soldiers who return from the Iraq war only to feel out of place back home, where life has moved on without them. Tim Robbins plays a veteran hoping to reunite with his wife; Rachel McAdams (welcome back!) is a private who hopes to reconnect with a dead fellow soldier’s family; and Michael Pena, hoping to rebound from his military turn in Lions for Lambs, plays a soldier injured in a place no man would want to discuss. The three come together after a blackout causes their flights to be canceled, and they’re forced to share a lift cross country. There are sure to be the inevitable heartwarming/heartbreaking discoveries along the way (and we’re a little worried about the Sarah McLachlan song that features so prominently in the trailer). But given the talent involved behind and in front of the camera, we’ll get on board. (Sept. 26, Lionsgate)


7 For September