‘A Lot’ of Mayoral Politicking Going on in Denver

DENVER—It’s ultimately about Barack Obama (and Hillary too!), but for New Yorkers here for the convention, it’s hard not to think about next year’s mayor’s race. too. All three major candidates for mayor—Christine Quinn, Bill Thompson and Anthony Weiner, are in town, and were at this morning’s New York delegation breakfast at the Sheraton.

“All we’ve done is move New York City to Denver,” said Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, who is also entertaining the idea of running for a citywide office next year. (His 2009 plans have become a source of considerable speculation). “It’s not like we’re shocked to see them in our midst. I’d be shocked if I didn’t.”

I was speaking to Stringer as he waited in line for tickets to today’s events at the Pepsi Center.

Moments later, Weiner walked up and chided Stringer for claiming he got more votes than any other delegate in New York State. “Who did he beat?" Weiner asked. "Some poor woman baking cookies.”

When asked how much mayoral politicking was going on at the moment, Weiner said “a lot,” and added good-naturedly, “The Weiner buzz is deafening.”

Then Thompson walked up.

As the comptroller and the congressman walked off for a private chat, out of earshot, Stringer turned to me and shrugged.

‘A Lot’ of Mayoral Politicking Going on in Denver